Rotting Toy

Your corpse is warmIt hasn’t been longPosable stillTo give me a thrillNothing deniedSince you diedIn life you would hideIn death I decideNo more resistanceRewarded persistenceFlesh to enjoyMy rotting toy


Full of rageTime to payLike a plagueYou won’t get awayRupture the fleshFeel the temperature riseTill I feel refreshedBy your agonizing criesYou thought all is fineYou didn’t see my painNow I will dineBut this time the pleasure is mine

I Did My Job

I did my job.My tee is red.I did my job.Someone is dead. I tore the flesh.I drank the blood.I ate the meat.An easy feat. I am hungry still.Look at the gore.You will make my fill.I am at your door. Crimson red.I like it spread.You could have fled.Now you are dead.

My Pain For You

my muscles ache…my blood is racing…my mind is swimming…as anger fills my thoughts…need to give them my pain…not just to the flesh…but also to the mind…destroy them internally…rip them externally…watch the tears mingle with the blood…and when they are fallen and pleading to be freed…kneel close so they can know…that the pain you have delivered…was […]

I need a miracle…

“I need a miracle I’m falling way too fast I’m sinkin’ in too deep I need an angel now That’s watchin’ over me If I could just wake up If I could make you see I’m all alone, all alone with your sickness in me” -Falling In Reverse (Losing My Life)


“Wish you were hereRight beside meSo I could watch you sleepHold your body closer, breathe you deepAnd everything feels brokenWhen you’re not next to me” -Godsmack “Under Your Scars”


She loves feeling of his hand on her throat,His tongue deep in her mouth,She wants him to just squeeze her throat a little tighter,As he forces himself inside her…Just to hear her scream,Screams only meant for him to hear,The pleasure is so close to the pain,The bruises fade,The bleeding stops,The tears dry,But the pleasure remains.

Random Quote

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

— Bill Cosby
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